Purchase With Confidence & Support

With FiveStar’s help, choose how you would like to secure your home. We’ll pre-configure your system to best match your needs. Add to your system as your needs change.

Just Unbox, Plug In, Easily Mount & Activate

So simple to use, a 12 year old can setup a FiveStar system up in minutes.

Smart Home Control

Control your alarm system from anywhere with your smart phone.

Moving? No Problem!

Our FiveStar Wireless Security System can be easily moved, without any extra installation costs.

How FiveStar® Protects Your Home

Indoor Motion Detection

False alarm free! Pet friendly, 120 degree vision, indoor motion sensors detects intruders, not your fur babies.

Smoke Detection

Sleep well knowing that in case of a fire, you will be alerted in time to get your family to saftey.

Smart Control Panel

This fully automated panel has an easy to read screen, simple to use keypad, ans is quipped with a loudspeaker.

Open Door Detection

With a few well-placed door motion sensors, FiveStar® gives you multi-layered, responsive protection.

Open Window Detection

With a few well-placed window motion sensors, FiveStar® gives you multi-layered, responsive protection.

Key Fob Remote or Medical Pendant

Arm or disarm your security system with the push of a button. The Medical Pendant is useful for those with health concerns.

Smart DIY Security, Simplified
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